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Equality & Employment


Careers and Employability at the University of Salford is committed to the ideals and practice of Equality and Diversity in all aspects of its work. We have gathered useful resources around Equality and Diversity with specific reference to communities of students and graduates that may face barriers in the job market.

There can be a number of specific issues around discrimination commonly faced by students/graduates when considering career choices and investigating the job market; the following pages are aimed at specific groups to help locate groups/organisations offering support in the field of employment and equality and diversity.

Black & Minority Ethnic, Criminal Record, Disabled Students & Graduates, Immigration Asylum, Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual, Mature Students/Graduates, Religion & Belief, Transexual/Transgender and Women.

The University has a number of services which support our commitment to equality and diversity generally.

For current students, the Disability Service at the University of Salford offers information and advice to students on equality issues including assessment of support needs (including technology assessments) and information on facilities and services available at the University of Salford and in the community, for example, transcription into Braille, taping/reader service. 

We also have projects providing advice and support to care leavers and students with families. There are also equality networks at the University for staff and students to get involved in. 

There are some general sources of information which address equality issues:

Equality and Human Rights Commission - This organisation is the amalgamation of the Commission for Racial Equality, Disability Rights Commission and Equal Opportunities Commission. 

TargetJobs - Equality and Diversity Specialists from AGCAS give information and advice on the issues surrounding equality in the workplace and your rights. You'll find out how to identify diversity positive employers as well as how to decide whether to disclose your circumstances.

The Equality Trust: Focuses on economic equality and actions to reduce it to improve the life of people.

DirectGov - This government website homepage has useful information on what discrimination is, the different kinds of discrimination in the workplace, positive action, and what to do if you feel you are being discriminated against. It also has specific advice pages for job seekers including advice and support for disabled people, interns and ex-offenders. There is also information on the enterprise allowance for people ( in receipt of benefits) who would like to start their own business as well as work scheme initiatives.

Citizens Advice Bureau - The Citizens Advice Bureau offers free information and advice on legal and other matters. They have two websites, you can use the citizens advice website to find details of how to get advice from your local CAB, and you can use the advice guide website to access online information.

ACAS - ACAS are an organisation that produce handouts and booklets about several aspects of discrimination. The handout provides information on regulations and recruitment, and then a further section on what to do if you have suffered either discrimination or harassment.

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills - This government department is useful for information on setting up a new business, as well as for information on discrimination in employment, with links to legislation and information on discrimination in smaller businesses, as well as external links to other helpful websites.

TUC - TUC is the Trade Union Congress. They have produced a “briefing” which is a guide for trade unions on monitoring their LGBT workers. The factsheet has information on the principles of monitoring LGBT employees, and information on producing both an equality action plan, and a monitoring plan.

UNISON - UNISON is the public service union which produces numerous resources and guidelines around discrimination in the workplace.

Legal Aid Agency - They provide civil and criminal legal aid and advice in England and Wales. They also fund Civil Legal Advice for people (subject to legal aid eligibility) who are facing problems including discrimination.

VERCIDA - VERCIDA stands for Values, Equality, Respect, Culture, Inclusion, Diversity, Accessibility. It is the UK's largest diversity careers site, currently working with over 100 organisations, both public and private, helping them to implement strategies to promote diversity and inclusion. 

The University of Salford prides itself on its diverse range of students, with students coming from a wide range of backgrounds. There can be numerous issues and barriers that can affect the  career choices of some of our student groups when investigating the job market. If you would like further advice and guidance on the support available to you, please book a careers appointment.

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