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Careers Resources for Mature Students/Graduates


The age profile of students currently studying at the University of Salford is broad - from teenagers to pensioners, with students coming from an enormous variety of backgrounds and widely differing life experiences.
However, there can be a number of age-related issues commonly faced by graduates when considering career choices and investigating the job market - though companies who have shown ‘ageist’ attitudes have had to rethink their recruitment and employment strategies, in light of new legislation that came into effect on 1 October 2006.
Mature students are generally defined as students above the age of 21.

TargetJobs - Equality and Diversity Specialists from AGCAS give information and advice on the issues surrounding equality in the workplace and your rights. You'll find out how to identify diversity positive employers as well as how to decide whether to disclose your circumstances.

Useful Websites

The following collection of websites have been collected together by Careers and Employability. These websites will give you further information, advice and key pointers for further action.

  • 40 plus - 40 Plus is a recruitment site that specialises in applications from the over 40s but welcomes those from applicants of any age. Applicants are asked to send in a CV, at which point someone from the agency will contact you and discuss what sort of job you are looking for, and help you search.
  • ANTSHE - ANTSHE is the Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education. They aim to: offer advocacy for the adult learning community; offer networking with other non-traditional student and professionals in the field of higher education; offers scholarship opportunities; and offer the opportunity to participate in regional and national conferences.
  • Employer's Forum on Age - The EFA is an independent network of leading employers who recognise the value of an age diverse workforce. In addition to supporting employers, the EFA tries to influence the government, businesses and trade unions, and it campaigns for change in issues such as flexible retirement and age discrimination legislation.
  • VERCIDA - VERCIDA stands for Values, Equality, Respect, Culture, Inclusion, Diversity, Accessibility. It is the UK's largest diversity careers site, currently working with over 100 organisations, both public and private, helping them to implement strategies to promote diversity and inclusion.

Useful Articles

  • Age and the Workplace - This useful downloadable booklet is useful for information on what to do if you are an individual who has suffered discrimination or harassment. It also includes useful resources such as flowcharts on age monitoring, fair retirement, requesting to work beyond retirement and an age healthcheck.
  • Mature Students - UCAS - Useful for information on applying to university courses as a mature student, it contains information on life as a student, money, gaining your place, sourses of information and advice, useful other publications and some interesting case studies.
  • New ageism laws may spark minimum wage challenge - This article, written the day before the age legislation of 2006 came into force, is useful for information on whether the minimum wage should be levelled for the over 18s in comparison to the over 21s.
  • Discriminating Progress - This article, originally published in the Guardian on October 2nd 2006, is useful for information on the age legislation that came into effect on October 1st 2006.
  • Future Imperfect - This article, originally published by the Guardian on October 25th 2006, is useful for information on how the government is handling the increase in the percentage of people over the age of 50 in British society.

Further Help

Speak to a Careers Adviser

If you feel you need to speak to a Careers Advisers on a one-to-one basis about your career plans, book a 30-minute confidential appointment.   Appointments are available for current students/graduates of the University of Salford.

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