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There is  a range of e-books & Journals available that will help you with your job-hunting, applications and interviews.

The following titles have each been evaluated by Careers Advisers from Careers and Employability at the University of Salford to ensure that the material is relevant to your needs.

The following topics are covered:

Careers Advice


  • Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Interview by Marc A. Dorio - Although American in slant, it still contains some useful guidelines. Aims at making the interview as an opportunity rather than an obstacle, a positive event instead of a reason for terror by taking the mystery out of the interview by showing you how to "read" the employer's needs.
  • Succeeding at Interviews by Judith Verity - UK produced text. Some of the text overlaps with the book by Rob Yeung, but other material complements it-especially the sections psychometric testing, aptitude testing, and job simulation exercises. Although the criteria-based interviewing section is complex, it still contains useful information. A very good text and strongly recommended.

Psychometric Tests

Industry Specific Job Hints

  • Opportunities in film careers by Jan Bone and Ana Fernandez - Although American in slant, this is still helpful for those who may want to explore working in the mainstream US or Canadian Film Industry. A useful compliment to the annual BFI Film & TV Guide which Careers and Employability has in stock as reference-only items.
  • Careers With the Pharmaceutical Industry edited by Peter D. Stonier - Very useful and comprehensive text outlining whole range of careers with the UK Pharmaceutical Industry. In addition to information on the more obvious clinical research, it also covers career information for nurses about working in the industry, pharmacologists, medical writers, regulators and lawyers who are interested in a specialism in pharmaceutical law. A recommended text.

Updated 28th March 2017 (HB)