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HND Options and Top Up

Over the last few years, there has been a growth in the number of degree courses being offered which directly follow on from the HND. There are many options for you.

Top Up your HND into an Honours Degree

Joining a degree course in the final year - You can join a degree course in the final year if you have high enough grades and if the subject contents have similar curriculum content. There are a range of subjects you can pick from.

You can study for your Top Up at the same University as your HND, if they offer the right top up for you, but you can also apply to other Universities if they have courses better suited to your needs.

Joining a degree course from the first year - If you want to study a degree totally unrelated to your HND you will have to go through the whole degree programme. You can also start the degree programme from the beginning just because you want to but you need to consider for both the above options what the financial implications may be.

Applying for degree courses

  • Top ups on to full-time degree programmes are done through UCAS.
  • Applications for part-time study can be made directly through the HE institution.
  • The closing dates for applications are January 14th so you need to plan ahead.
  • Second of third year entry students should enquire what each learning institution's policy is towards direct entry onto a degree course before applying. You may have to submit written work as part of the application process.
  • It is possible to gain entry on to a two year Qualified Teacher Training course, in a relevant subject, normally at secondary level.

Postgraduate Study - Many people believe that you need a higher qualification, like an honours degree, to join a postgraduate course. However, there are certain courses when your practical experience is highly valued, especially in areas like teaching and social work.

Applying for postgraduate courses - There is no central system like UCAS, you need to make individual applications and enquiries to the courses at each institution.

There are exceptions when applying for postgraduate study: