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Careers Resources for Students/Graduates: Immigration/Asylum Seeking

Useful Websites

The following collection of websites have been collected together by Careers and Employability. These websites will give you further information, advice and key pointers for further action.
  • ICAR - ICAR is the Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees in the UK. It is an independent information and research organisation based in the School of Social Sciences in London. They aim to increase public understanding of asylum seekers and issues and to teach the general public about laws, legislations and policies involving asylum.
  • Refugee Assessment and Guidance Unit (RAGU) - This organisation is based in London Metropolitan University. It is aimed at asylum seekers and refugees with a high level of professional qualifications. The organisation offers specialised guidance and support, and help with getting on to specialised training schemes and re-entry into work education. It also works nationwide and across Europe and trains advisers to deal with refugees and asylum seekers.
  • The Refugee Council - The Refugee Council is the biggest organisation in the UK that provides assistance and information to refugees and asylum seekers. It has offices across the UK. It does not provide legal advice or representation but does help with understanding laws and legislation surrounding seeking asylum in the UK. In each of its offices, it provides advice and information to asylum seekers who are staying in the resident area’s Induction Centre
  • ROSE NHS - This NHS led website is aimed at helping refugees and asylum seekers that are qualified health professionals return to work in the UK. It includes lots of information on finding a job.
  • UKCISA - UKCISA is the Council for International Education. They produce several sets of guidance notes and handouts on information such as studying in the UK, finance as a student in the UK and immigration. They also compile lists of useful weblinks for people who want to learn more.