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International Students: Help With CVs and Application Forms

CVs, Cover Letters and Application Forms are the most common ways to apply for jobs in the UK.

It is  important that you have a good CV or Application form as competition for jobs can be quite high. For more information on how to create and use them, please visit:: Job Applications and Interviews

For further guides and information on the application process and career planning visit: DownloadZone

Get your CV/ Applications forms checked

  • Visit our CV advice page which provices information on how to improve your CV and lists CV sessions and appointment times for a CV review.
  • View our careers appointment times to get application forms checked or contact us on 0161 295 0023 to book an appointment to see a Careers Consultant

What Other Help Can I Get from Careers and Employability?

As an international student studying at the University of Salford, you are entitled to use all the facilities of Careers and Employability.

Page Updated 8th June 2016(HB)