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Finding Employment in Your Home Country


Goin Global is useful for both international students planning to return home and students and graduates looking to explore career opportunities in a new country. Each Goin Global Profile includes:

You can access Goin Global here

Global Graduate Schemes

Find out about schemes for International Students with bases in the UK

Gradlink - is designed specifically for students/graduates from China, India and Malaysia at HE institutions right across the UK. Information on the websites include:

  • Graduate jobs-boards
  • Profiles of 100+ employers – where employers provide latest graduate vacancies, give advice, link to their social media etc.
  • Profiles of international graduates from across the UK
  • Extensive advice sections
  • Latest news and events
  • GradLink social media inc. Weibo, RenRen, Facebook etc.
  • E-newsletter subscription – students (and careers professionals etc!) welcome to subscribe

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RESEARCH key organisations in your home country to see what level of support/networking opportunities are available to help with your job-seeking:

The British Council  In some countries, the British Council have a UK alumni group to help with business networking. This sometimes extends to having job clubs for graduates with UK qualifications where you can post your CV online, get access to vacancies or be matched to a suitable company that has signed up with the British Council. For example, the British Council China has detailed alumni pages.
Chambers of Commerce  Chambers of Commerce may be a useful starting point, as Chambers often hold details of locally-based companies. The World Chambers Network acts as a gateway to find Chambers throughout the world.
Embassies  High commissions and embassies from other countries will usually have information about jobs in their countries, or have a website with the latest business news. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office keeps an up-to-date listing of all the representatives of foreign states and Commonwealth countries in London.

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