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Careers Resources for Students/ Graduates who are Single Parents

The University of Salford offers a range of support systems for lone parents, including access to different types of funding through our Information, Advice and Guidance Services and access to specific advice for students with families

Useful Websites

The following collection of websites have been collected together by Careers and Employability. These websites will give you further information, advice and key pointers for further action.
  • Horizons - Horizons is made up of four partners – Parentline Plus, One Parent Families, Citizen’s Advice and Family Welfare Association. The programme is currently due to run until late 2007, and will finish then unless more funding is made available. It is currently supported by Barclay’s bank, who have invested £3 million in the project. It offers advice, information, funding and grants. They have offices across the country and a telephone support line. They also, in conjunction with Parentline Plus, run several days out across the country for one parent families. The closest North-West Office is in Merseyside.
  • Parentline Plus - Parentline Plus is a website dedicated to all parents, but have a section specifically for one parent families. They offer help through the “Horizons” service which gives money advice, grants and support lines. They also have a message board for lone parents to discuss problems/solutions with one another. All services are free. They have both an email and online helpline.