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The focus on employability continues to grow and we are keen to support you in developing your student's employability.

A commonly accepted definition frames employability as, "A set of skills, knowledge and personal attributes that make an individual more likely to secure and be successful in their chosen occupation(s) to the benefit of themselves, the community and the economy" (Yorke 2006). In short employability is about equipping students and future graduates to deal with a changing employment landscape where continued learning and development will become imperative to maintaining a viable and rewarding career.

Much of what is delivered within academic programmes will be making a contribution to their employability development but often it is the ability of students to reflect and articulate the benefits of their academic (and other) experience that is lacking and which places them at a disadvantage when competing in an increasingly competitive graduate labour market. Ensuring that the development of employability is implicit within academic programmes is one of the best ways of supporting your students in making the transition from academic study to work.

How can Careers & Employability help?

Careers & Employability has a range and depth of expertise that you can call on to cover a wide range of employability related issues.

For example:

  • Do your students recognise the skills they possess and how they can be used?
  • Can they clearly express their skills?
  • Can they articulate their strengths and development needs?
  • Do they know how to find appropriate jobs or further learning opportunities?
  • Will they need work experience? If so, do they know how to find it?
  • Do your students know what they want to do after graduation?
  • Do your students require help to develop a career plan?
  • Do they know how to make decisions on career direction?
  • Are they sufficiently self-aware to be ale to plan future learning needs?
  • Can students create effective CVs and other forms of written job application?
  • Are they confident in interviews and other assessment settings?

On these and other issues we can help, by working with you to design solutions to meet your students needs. This can range from individual workshops to programmes of study that carry academic credit.

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Useful Links

Employability Guides for Students - a developing resource offering tools to help students reflect on how their learning and other experience contributes to developing key employability skills.

Study Skills - Lots of resources designed to assist students in developing the crucial academic skills, which in turn will enhance employability.

Higher Education Academy - The subject centre pages contain lots of information related to employability - highly recommended.

Prospects - A very comprehensive graduate careers website with extensive resources for students covering careers information, labour market information, job vacancies etc.