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Use Unitemps to recruit, employ and pay students and graduates for temporary and part-time work 

The University of Salford opened a new Unitemps on-campus recruitment agency in April 2017, based in University House on the Peel Park campus. 

Hundreds of students and recent graduates have already registered to seek part-time and temporary work in roles across the university including exam invigilators, ambassadors, student hosts, admin roles and research roles.

The process for students to register with Unitemps to be considered for employment with the University is explained at

Unitemps replaces previous methods used by the University to appoint and employ students, including casual contracts, one-off-fees and expenses, zero hours fixed term contracts, external recruitment agencies and voucher schemes.

Start the process by contacting Unitemps staff

You can speak to Unitemps staff 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday at the Unitemps Information Desk in University House, email or telephone 0161 295 6326 / 6325.

How it works

A process map shows how Unitemps operates for staff with a recruitment need.

Staff who identify a temporary recruitment need to be met by employing students, now use the Unitemps on-campus recruitment agency service, which is based at University House.

It is vital that staff no longer assign work to students. Staff can only assign work to students by engaging with the Unitemps service to define and plan addressing the recruitment need in advance, this can include instances when staff have already identified potential student recruits. Only Unitemps can assign work to current students to ensure that we prevent students from cumulatively working too many hours per week in teaching time periods and to avoid them breaching tier 4 visa restrictions.

Unitemps can work to source suitable potential recruits, conducts right to work and identity checks, assign contracts of employment and hours of work and ensures payment for work done in line with the living wage with payment of national insurance and holiday pay.

We must ensure our students do not work too many hours of employment per week in one/more jobs that they engage in for the University and for external employers, that would risk them breaching their visa restrictions and negatively impact on their ability to study during teaching time periods.

In an effort to safeguard against tier 4 students breaching their visa conditions, the Unitemps service caps the number of hours tier 4 students can work at 20 hours per week (Monday to Sunday) throughout their time in the UK. This ensures a robust approach to ensuring tier 4 students adhere to Home Office regulations. Without robust measure in place the university’s licence to recruit tier 4 students to programmes of study could be placed at risk. Tier 4 students can find employment above 20 hours per week themselves outside the university during their programme’s holiday periods (if they have completed all course requirements for that holiday time period) but if they want to work for the university, the Unitemps service restricts working hours to a maximum of 20 hours per week.

For students who are not on a tier 4 visa, the Unitemps service caps the number of hours to be worked at 20 hours per week (Monday to Sunday) during teaching periods and they  can work full-time during holiday periods, providing that they have completed all course requirements for that time period (including re-sits and re-submissions).

Staff with temporary specialist roles equivalent to grade 7 or above should use the Unitemps service to source potential recruits but if this is unsuccessful external recruitment agencies can be used.

Staff with recruitment needs must consider the costs of hiring students and the budget required to ensure adherence to the Living Wage and tax and agency worker rights. For example, the cost of employing a student at the living wage is £11.61 per hour, which includes a £8.45 pay rate, £1.27 holiday rate, £1.34 employer national insurance and a £0.55 Unitemps running cost.

If staff have recruitment needs that require varying hours of work from one week to the next this must be communicated to Unitemps staff in advance (5 working days if recruits are yet to be identified and 2 working days if recruits have already been idenitfied and have already registered with Unitemps). 

External employers pay the Unitemps service for recruitment agency services to hire students and graduates that meet their recruitment needs.

Staff cannot use Unitemps to recruit students who are currently engaged in Hourly Paid Academic (HPA) contract roles.

If you already have potential student recruits in mind, please commuicate this to Unitemps staff. Please be aware that you may only be able to employ them if they successfully complete registration and right-to-work checks with Unitemps and are capable of doing the working hours you require considering their visa restrictions and other paid/unpaid work they may be doing for the university or other employers in any given week.